Another busy month of June for Bartlett Construction but we wanted to share with you how quick we are at brickwork. We sent our quote to our customer and they responded with how soon could the job be completed, due to the great weather in June we were done within 48 hours of tidying the bricks and mixing our mortar, job done!

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The previous wall had collapsed from high winds and brittle mortar cement had caused the weakness in the brickwork but we were able to retain most of the bricks, cleaned them up and a good scrub with our wire brushes and they were soon being laid with a fresh cement mortar mix and the brick wall was back up in no time. While we were working on the brick wall our customer asked if we could relay her roof ridge tiles as one had slipped during the storms and caused not only the brick wall to collapse but her roof tiles to slip.

We used scaffolding to help with loading up a mortar mix to bed down the slipped tiles. Only 2 were badly damaged that needed replacing but with our trade roofing tiles suppliers they had them in stock and we were able to pick them up en-route the next day to finish the building jobs off, another very happy customer.